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Even if you have no

willpower or self-discipline

Dr. Regina Gysel, neuronutrient (amino acid) therapy specialist.


...It feels like I have no control. I need so much self-discipline to resist sugar.


...It is hard to resist sugar treats when they are offered to me at work or out at a dinner or holiday celebration.

...I always want sweet things. But in times of stress, necessity to think fast and deep, when I am feeling unhappy, the cravings intensify.

...Mid-morning all I want is a cookie, brownie, Snickers, or cake. I attribute it to tiredness; sugar gives me a boost in energy.

...I dislike trying to find easy to prepare meals that keep my cravings at bay. I don’t want to measure, count calories, or even really think that much about food…


...Even when I know sugar is not my friend, it is still my comfort go to.

Dr. Regina Gysel

If you ever thought any of the above, then I can help you.


I am Dr. Regina Gysel, certified neuronutrient (amino acid) therapy specialist.

I specialize in helping sugar cravers from around the world: people suffering from sugar addiction, diabetes and to whom sugar cravings have become a problem. My process has been proven time and time again.


You and I only need to take three steps.


Can't resist sweets and blame yourself for it?

It's not your fault.


Take this free quiz to find out what's causing your sugar cravings.

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