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The biological cause of cravings is hidden in the brain. And it’s not a lack of willpower. Rather, it is a deficit of certain neurotransmitters.


Neurotransmitters are the brain’s signaling molecules. They are made of amino acids, hence the name Amino Acid Therapy. 

Dr. Regina Gysel, neuronutrient (amino acid) therapy specialist.

How it works

Together, we will go through these 3 steps to success:

Step 1


Intake session

Find out your unique causes for sugar cravings

The first session happens after you fill out your intake forms. We review them together; discuss your goals; and plan how to successfully implement them.

Step 2


Aminos Trialing Session

Replenish your particular nutrient deficiencies

We meet again for your Aminos Trialing Session. During this meeting we will find out which aminos work best for you. You will start taking them immediately.

Step 3


Follow up sessions

Stop your sugar cravings for good

We will meet weekly until your aminos schedule is established and fine–tuned. Once things fall into place, we will meet every 2 to 3 weeks until you crave no more. Then you will transition into a maintenance phase, and yes, graduate from our program. 

 When it is not a good fit:

  •  If you are not willing to take supplements (amino acids),

  •  If you cannot ensure enough protein in your diet,

  •  If you are simply too busy for weekly checkups.

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