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Why am I craving sugar on keto?

It’s not uncommon to experience increased sugar cravings on ketogenic or low carb diets. Carbs (both sugar and alcohol) excite our brains, temporarily raising neurotransmitter levels that might be low. Once sugar (carbs) are removed from a diet, their ‘band aid” effects are also gone. You are now experiencing your brain’s true biochemistry, not “enhanced” by carbs, and it might not be pleasant.


How can I stop sugar cravings for good?

Our cravings, mood and sleep are largely determined by neurotransmitters, the brain’s signaling molecules. The neurotransmitters’ precursors, amino acids, are available as supplements now. We use our knowledge and expertise to identify your specific neurotransmitter “lows”, and then tailor a personalized amino acid regimen “to close the gaps”. Your sugar cravings usually start diminishing within the first week of the therapy. It takes a few months for cravings to be completely gone and for effects of the therapy to become sustainable and permanent. On average, this process takes about 24 weeks.


How do I order supplements to stop sugar cravings?

For your convenience, your supplements will be pre-ordered via an online pharmacy. You will complete your order in a few quick clicks.


Am I not a good candidate for Amino Acid Therapy?

If you dislike taking supplements (amino acids) or are not willing to ensure adequate protein intake and are not available for weekly check ups, then Amino Acid Therapy is not a good fit for you. 


How do we meet?

Our sessions happen online in the comfort of your own home. You are invited to fill out our questionnaire before we meet for a free initial consultation to see if Amino Acid Therapy is the right fit for you.


What if I need extra support?

During our work together you have unlimited access via email and/or a messenger, in addition to weekly check ups. All and any questions are welcome.


What are other possible effects of the Amino Acid Therapy?

The Amino Acid Therapy repairs your brain’s biochemistry. As it shifts, your psychotherapy sessions may settle better and you’ll feel ready for a change. As a certified Tiny Habits coach, I will help you to create new habits that you always dreamt of. And as a certified medical intuitive, I will help you to tap into new thinking patterns that move you forward. You are in the right place now. 


Can't resist sweets and blame yourself for it?

It's not your fault.


Take this free quiz to find out what's causing your sugar cravings.

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