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REVIEWS: Benjamin

No more “difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, couldn't wake up and get going, constantly tired in the middle of the day, headaches.”


Benjamin: “Before I started amino acids, I was constantly tired in the middle of the day, had headaches, all of the things you should not have. Dr. Gysel was very kind and understanding, and she got me started on a regime in an instant after she asked a few questions. With a little bit of tweaking (she was very close the first time around) I got to where I am today. Now, I feel constantly energized, ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.” 

Benjamin’s mom: “My son was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's syndrome when he was not quite even eight years old. We knew he was different and did not fit in on so many dimensions. Over time, he was on various medications including Strattera and Adderall; however, none of the meds would give long-lasting results. In addition, he had side reactions and effects: skin rash, irritability, loss of appetite, and subsequently weight loss, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. In my eyes, he had more negative side effects than benefits from prescribed medications. He was having impulsivity problems, and having a hard time making new friends and maintaining friendships. During recess he preferred to stay inside and read a book instead of playing outside with his peers.


We started following Dr. Regina's recommendations a little over a year ago. First, she listened to my son attentively, and asked detailed questions. Just after three days of the therapy his gassiness went away, which gave us an assurance that we are on the right track.


Ben was a picky eater since a very young age. However, after having a discussion about his diet, and importance of protein and fats in his diet, he was all in!


Before we started, he was having quite frequent headaches (they are completely gone now), difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. Now he is 14 1/2 and is in bed by 8:30 with no arguments. Prior to this, every morning was a rough morning, he couldn't wake up and get himself going. He was keeping a record of school tardiness, which is done and gone. He sleeps like a champ and volunteers at school at Kiss'n'Go in the morning. His attitude has improved, he has made friends and enjoys spending time with them. He communicates clearly, he barely has any moodiness and he caught up on his weight and his height.


The list goes on and on, he is a very best version of his own self, and every day I thank Dr. Regina for these amazing transformations.”

Benjamin, 14, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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