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“As a psychologist, I am confident that any psychotherapy will be much easier and faster if accompanied by individually selected and constantly adjusted Amino Acid Therapy.”

“I was lucky to get to know Dr. Regina through social media communication. I am a psychologist, so I am convinced that it is not only a doctor who heals, but also his/her personality. Regina perfectly combines these two components.

The topic of brain functioning has interested me since my university days. Unfortunately, the training program for psychologists did not include the topic of neurotransmitters.

Психолог Елена.jpeg

I did not find an opportunity to study the field practically, through experience. There was a lot of theoretical and poorly structured information that did not enter my head so I could use it. More than 20 years have passed...

And here, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. The negative combination of circumstances, overload, stress, came together and had a bad effect on my health and mood. I was looking for a way to solve my problems quickly, I did not want to take medications. It was at this time that I turned to Regina.

The improvements started immediately, in about 2-3 days. And after a month of using individually selected amino acids, vitamins and minerals according to Regina's constantly corrected schedule, my situation has improved fundamentally. Another two months were spent on further correction, improvement and stabilization. After just three months I am back in the saddle. I work, I sleep well, I have energy, my memory is constantly improving. I am 57 years old; my memory is not the same as at 15. Excessive reading and working on social media have had a bad effect on my ability to memorize. In my profession, memory is what allows me to be effective and actively practice.

Since, in my personal opinion, any disruption in the work of neurotransmitters automatically leads to insulin resistance and vice versa, harmonization and stabilization of neurotransmitters should be an integral part of an individual’s selection of any type of healthy lifestyle; especially in the field of nutrition. The amino acids from which neurotransmitters are formed come from food. However, in moments of stress and overload, with age, healing from infections, nutrition may not be enough. Then you can make up for the shortage directly by taking amino acids. And you don't have to do it all your life. Only a course of treatment, albeit a long one.

And here, I am glad to share my experience as a psychologist who took amino acids to optimize the work of neurotransmitters. It turned out to be great exercise for the brain. I could observe through my own feelings; compare and see how my state of consciousness, energy, health parameters and mood change. These few months of direct experience of observing how the magic machine-consciousness, worked, gave me more than years of theory. Previously, I could only hear how other people feel, but now I have the opportunity to know about it from my own experience. For me, this is a huge breakthrough that I simply could not hope for, because this is how life works.

Since in my situation the work of all four main neurotransmitters was disrupted, my personal experience was quite complete. Now, it feels like I know how each of them works and I continue to gain experience with great speed, which is impossible with the theoretical development of this knowledge. This exciting experiment takes place in a safe environment, which is monitored and supervised by a qualified specialist who responsibly monitors all changes in the functioning of the neurotransmitter system.

As a psychologist, I am confident that any psychotherapy will be much easier and faster if accompanied by individually selected and constantly adjusted Amino Acid Therapy. Amino acids can solve psychological problems caused by stress. Observations of your condition and its changes, which can be noticed and compared within 3-15 minutes, are uniquely useful for an objective look at your psyche, condition, decisions and even life strategies. Simply because health and illness are two different life situations and even two different life strategies. One and the same person, looking at the world while being well or unwell, sees himself and his capabilities as fundamentally different. And this is sure to affect self-esteem, behavior and relationships.

Therefore, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Regina Gysel for opening this important door for me to improve my health and professional growth. And she did it responsibly, sustainably, safely, tactfully and very effectively. Regina knows how to listen, it is pleasant to communicate with her, she is attentive, careful and consistent. She is not just a doctor. She is also a personality who heals.”

Elena Ribatskaya, psychologist, 57, Torteron, France

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