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“I stopped having sweet cravings related to my low mood.”


“I did not believe that small quantities of amino acids may be potent enough to make much difference. I eat meat and eggs every day. However, before the treatment I had several issues I desperately wanted to get rid of, so I decided to give it a try.

It was amazing to observe how much difference the therapy made. I thought that my mental health was much improved already. I live on a ketogenic diet since 2007 to manage my migraines.

The most surprising part was that the treatment solved the issue with a jet lag. I travel to Europe at least ones a year and normally suffer from sleep problems (wake at 3 am local time and cannot function after 2 pm) for a week. My sleep became normal right away! My calmer mood also helped me to discuss with people some issues which bothered me, and I used to avoid because I was afraid it would be too upsetting for me to discuss. I speak more freely now about how I feel. Also, I stopped having cravings related to my low mood. I do not eat sugar, however, sometimes I crave and eat desserts with a sugar substitute. I do it less frequently now.

My life is less stressful now and my future is brighter.


You have nothing to lose. Anyone will benefit from a mood assessment made with a professional. We have a tendency to think about our problems as our characteristics. We think we are someone who naturally loves chocolate or cheese and we will never change. It is not true. The help will be without side effects.

There is too much unnecessary suffering in the world which could be reduced if people knew that such help is out there. When I look around, I see troubled people who may benefit from help. My therapy helped me and educated me at the same time.”

Galina, 59, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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