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“I became indifferent to sweets.”


“Since I was a little girl, I remember enjoying sweets. And that was my weakness for such a very long time. Over the years I tried different supplements that gave only a short-term effect. Ever since I started working with Dr. Regina, and using an individualized approach, gradually my sugar craving completely vanished.

As a result, my sleep quality had improved: I sleep less and feel more energized and rested in the morning. I noticed that I became calmer and less impulsive. On the numerous occasions I’ve noticed that my parenting became more flexible.


Before, I could not resist to sample a new dessert or a candy, and the fact that I work at a grocery store was not helping. Over time, I became indifferent to sweets, which is almost hard to believe. Perhaps it is worth mentioning that along with the supplements we followed a low-carb low-sugar diet. I would, definitely, do it again, for it is healing the root of the problem, and not the other way around.”

Irene, 48, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Can't resist sweets and blame yourself for it?

It's not your fault.


Take this free quiz to find out what's causing your sugar cravings.

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