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Began to feel younger: “My mood improved, energy increased, I want to live and do things.”


“My name is Lydia. I am from Vladimir, Russia. I am 59 years old. I have a very good heredity, and until the age of 58 I felt great. I kept up, did not get tired, worked, cared for my grandchildren, traveled by car for long distances, learned something new, and cared for a sick mother. Life was beautiful.

And then a year ago I realized something had changed. I did not really want to meet my friends or do anything. It felt like the forces were leaving me. Even the fact that I have always eaten right. Protein, fats, quality foods. I always looked 10 years younger. Never been on diets (had a good metabolism). And for me, the state in which I want to lie down and do nothing came as a shock. I am not a skeptic and I've always tried to work on myself, but at that moment I thought the age was taking its toll, and nothing would change.


And at that moment Providence sent me Regina. After the first conversation with her, I realized I trusted her. 


She very professionally and competently interviewed me about my condition, sent me forms and questionnaires, which I filled out. Having collected all the history, Regina began to recommend the amino acids. And of course, she was always directing me on nutrition. Regina is very clear and unobtrusive. Thanks to her, I read many writings by specialists about proper nutrition. 


After a few days of working with Regina, I gradually began to come out of this state. My mood improved, I had energy, I wanted to live and do something. With a big time difference (I am in Russia, and she's in the United States) Regina always found an opportunity to call me and promptly suggested or recommended advice. She would ask how I was doing, making sure I was on the correct supplement regimen.


On Regina's advice, I underwent a thyroid examination. With age, everyone begins to have health problems, the main thing that is on our life path there is a competent and caring specialist. I am lucky I have Regina! I have known her since October 2019, and I feel like I've known her all my life. I started writing a review several times and could not finish it because it was very emotional.  Regina, I am happy that you are in my life, I wish you all the best and much health!

Lydia, 59, Vladimir, Russia

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