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REVIEWS: Natalia

“Working with Regina helped me get rid of anxiety, get better sleep, and improved my quality of life”.

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“My meeting with Regina took place a year ago. At that time I had already been studying and practicing the ketogenic diet for 5 years. I had already got rid of sugar addiction, excess weight, bad habits, but still, something was wrong.  I was always in a bad mood, sleeping superficially.

I was so indecisive that when I filled out the form for the first meeting I didn't even write my email address. Fortunately our meeting did take place. 


The beginning of therapy coincided with the loss of my beloved dog with whom I had lived together for 15 years. Regina helped me to cope with the heartache.

I was interested in amino acids and tried to use them myself, but there was no effect. It got even worse. Irritability and indecisiveness were already interfering with my normal life. 

Probably everyone who has had amino acid therapy remembers their first appointment. For me it was very important. I really felt a change in my mood and condition when we tested aminos for the first time. It was incredible and amazing!


I followed all the recommendations and soon noticed the change in my condition. 


My sleep improved, anxiety and irritability gradually disappeared. Thanks to Regina, I finally sorted out my diet and realized what I was doing wrong. 


The appointments turned out to be more than just amino acid therapy for me. Regina is very attentive and responsive. It's amazing how she notices all the details and pays attention even to what seems unimportant to you.  


I am very grateful to Regina for her work, new knowledge and the opportunity to feel calm and confident. 


Thank you so much for the opportunity to believe in my own strength! 


I would recommend everyone to take an amino acid therapy course with Regina.

Natalia Abramishvili, provisor, ketogenic nutrition consultant and iv practice manager, 53, Moscow, Russia 

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