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REVIEWS: Svetlana

“The most important thing for me was my mood, amazing changes had happened, I began to believe in myself”.


“I've been interested in amino acids as supplements for a while now.

Before I started working with Regina, I tried to introduce some of them by myself, mainly those that are used in sports and on various diets, in order to increase energy and vitality.

I have always had problems with energy, but even on a ketogenic diet, which I have been on since 2019, I did not get the long-awaited result in energy increase, although the fat burning process itself was very successful.

I became interested in neuromodulators and looked for information, so I found Regina and her Instagram account.

I will say right away - literally from the first viewings of her videos, I realized that amino therapy is what I needed without any doubts, since this area has already interested me before.

We started amino acid therapy and from the first days, weeks, I noticed its amazing effects. In our first consultation with Regina, I realized that not only my energy, but also my sleep was not in order, I woke up constantly at night and, as a result, during the day I was lethargic and not energetic, my mood could also change during the day and I was upset by everything that caused confrontation in the surroundings and people.

I wanted to balance out many of the shortcomings that I attributed to my own character traits. But it turned out that these were just deficiencies in the most important amino acids that my body could not convert, which caused the whole body to suffer.

Positive changes began as soon as we decided which amino acids are important for me and what the body needs to absorb them.

Mutual trust was immediately established with Regina from our first consultation, it was easy and joyful to work with her, I looked forward to every meeting and observed with interest the changes taking place in me.

In the first place, the most important thing for me was my mood, amazing changes had happened, I began to believe in myself, trust myself more, my calmness, self-reliance, even and benevolent attitude towards everything and everyone around made it possible to take care of myself and make decisions necessary for me at the same time. Gradually, my sleep began to improve. The body accumulated reserves of neuromodulators and many functions of the body as a whole began to work as they should. Because I was already on the keto diet, sugar cravings were not an issue, but still even in that area something changed, as previously unexplainable sudden cravings became understandable.

I have learned to feel my body and having learned so, it became possible to fine tune it with the help of amino acids. I discovered systematic levers for managing my crisis situations, now I can manage my mood, and not visa versa.
I want to say that if someone is interested in amino acid therapy, but still doubts whether they need it, whether it will help them, I can say that, yes, it will help, but only if one is led by a professional coach, such as Regina and also consistently fulfills all the instructions of the coach.

And I also want to say that working with Regina is a pleasure. She is a skilled, very sensitive, responsive coach. Leads the client very gently and attentively, but at the same time persistently, does not miss any small details. You can completely trust her. I will also add that amino acid therapy is not just about addressing some narrow circle of problems the coach and the client work on, but this therapy will affect and improve the work of the whole body both in mental and physical aspects, and there are undoubtedly huge opportunities”.

Svetlana, 60, Finland

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