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REVIEWS: Tatiana

“The craving for sweets went away very quickly, my mood leveled off, my sleep improved, my normal working performance returned.”


“I work with women 45+ who want to look modern and enjoy life and work. I have a private practice, as well as an online training project "Style Arithmetic". I love my work, the number of projects is increasing, but my strength is decreasing.

I turned to Regina at the moment when the situation began to seriously bother me. I could hardly work; my energy would run out in the morning. Sleep was intermittent starting at 2am. In the morning I got up later than usual, but not at all rested. 

My mood fluctuated greatly throughout the day and often approached the level of apathy. I wanted sweets all the time and I could not walk past the store without buying myself ice cream or freshly baked buns. Of course, this immediately affected my weight, which also did not contribute to a good mood.

After the first consultation with Regina, I immediately felt better from her sunny optimism. We filled out tests and questionnaires with her, experimented with dosages of amino acids and I began to take amino acids according to a clearly written schedule. The cravings for sweets disappeared very quickly, which in itself immediately raised my mood. Then I discovered my “favorites” among amino acids. Tryptophan clearly improved mood, and Tyrosine made it possible to concentrate and do work at a sufficiently high level of energy.

At the same time, Regina gave me recommendations on how to take the necessary vitamins and minerals. Detailed advice on the keto diet was an important part of the work. This type of diet turned out to be very comfortable for me and I have been using it as my default for several months now.

As a result of our work together my mood leveled off, my sleep improved, and my normal working performance returned. If suddenly, due to some stressful situations without which it is difficult to imagine modern life, there is a craving for sweets, I always have L-Glutamine, which helps me to cope with the desire to eat for comfort.

One of the important results of my work was that I changed my daily routine and included mandatory rest in the working week. Regina and I also talked about this a lot during consultations. Self-care, along with Amino Acid Therapy, includes good rest, evening rituals for sound sleep, and healthy food.

Thus, in the end I got much more than I expected. Thanks to Regina for her professionalism and ability to comprehensively approach and solve the problem using such a variety of tools."

Tatyana Yaremchuk, 58, image maker-stylist. Moscow, Russia

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