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“I was able to sleep through the night, my energy noticeably changed, my mental clarity and productivity increased.”


“As a former athlete and veteran, health and nutrition were at the center of my life, but getting older I noticed it was harder to burn off weight and sleep through the night. It played havoc mentally and physically.

I leaned into my knowledge of sleep health, vitamin supplements and physical training. The changes would only last a few days.

I wanted long term consistency. After researching, I came to meet Dr. Regina Gysel. After an extensive consultation we decided an Amino Acid Therapy plan would make sense.

After the second day, I was able to sleep through the night. My energy noticeably changed, as a result, my workouts changed. Extra pounds have been coming off. Some unexpected results were the mental clarity and increased productivity. It has been absolutely great working with Dr. Gysel and being introduced to Amino Acid Therapy.”

Terry M., 42, NY, USA

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