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“I'm not craving foods at all; I'm not craving sugar.”
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“Well, before I craved food constantly and I would always be thinking about it. Like, when can I have this and I would have to be like, nope, it's not lunchtime. And every time it came time for a mealtime, I knew exactly what I wanted.


Now, I'm not craving foods at all; I'm not craving sugar. And in fact, I go to the refrigerator and actually have space in my head to decide what I want, rather than my cravings going ‘no you're going to have this’, instead I decide.

I’m not even thinking about sugars and French fries and carbs, I'm actually considering ‘Wow what healthy food do I want instead?’. I have all the space in my head now to be able to choose healthy foods.

I am so excited because I had tried everything.


I had tried every diet I had tried everything to get off of sugar. Willpower wasn't working, you know. People were saying well just don't buy it just don't eat it. Just don't, you know, don't think about it. Well, that just made me think about it more. I could not get thoughts of eating sugar and eating starches and breads out of my head. And now, it occurred to me the other day that I haven't had those thoughts in my head in weeks.

The craving started to diminish almost immediately after I started on the various amino acids and after our second session, it was even better. So those cravings have steadily gone downhill. They went back up hill when I had a period of time where I didn't have my little alarm going off to remind me to take the amino acids, and I stopped to figure out why it was that all of a sudden I was craving sugars again. I figured out I was forgetting to take one of the amino acids, so I put that back into my schedule, and the craving stopped almost immediately again. It’s great, it really started to go down because on a scale of 1 to 10, I was at like a 20 craving sugar. Now it's just not there. On one or two occasions if I see something like a piece of cake I'll be like ‘Oh wow that looks really good’ and then I'm like ‘No, actually it doesn't look that good’. So, I really don't crave it.

Since I was a little girl, like forever, like all my life, I can distinctly remember craving bread. I have always loved bread. Since I was probably 12 or 13.”

Terry T., 52, Plano, TX, USA

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