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Terry T., 52, Plano, TX, USA

“I'm not craving foods at all; I'm not craving sugar.”

Benjamin, 14, Chicago, Illinois, USA

No more “difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, couldn't wake up and get going, constantly tired in the middle of the day, headaches.”

Irene, 48, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I became indifferent to sweets.”

Психолог Елена.jpeg
Elena Ribatskaya, psychologist, 57,
Torteron, France

“As a psychologist, I am confident that any psychotherapy will be much easier and faster if accompanied by individually selected and constantly adjusted Amino Acid Therapy.”

Lydia, 59, Vladimir,

“Began to feel younger: My mood improved, energy increased, I want to live and do things.”

Tatyana Yaremchuk, 58, Moscow, Russia

“The craving for sweets went away very quickly, my mood leveled off, my sleep improved, my normal working performance returned.”

Hermann, 72,

“I gradually lost my need for carbs and sugar, and eventually I lost my taste for beer or other forms of alcohol like wine.”

Jean Louise Green, 66, Advanced Structural Integrator, Chico, CA, USA

“I know that if it's a good match to work with Dr. Gysel, some real miracles can happen.”

Terry M., 42,

“I was able to sleep through the night, my energy noticeably changed, my mental clarity and productivity increased.”

Mark Light, MD, 71
& Vickie Van Scyoc,
RN, 63, Chico, CA, USA 

"The amino acids have helped tremendously with my PTSD from the Camp Fire. Amino Acid Therapy is very safe and very effective."

Maria, 44,
Minsk, Belarus 

“My sleep has returned to normal; my work performance has improved.

I became more relaxed.”

Galina, 59, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

“I stopped having sweet cravings related to my low mood.”

David, 19, San Jose, California, USA

“Amino acids personally helped me with my mental clarity and rehabilitation of my chronic pain that would not have been possible without them.”

Tatiana Ormanis, life and business coach, 41,
Paris, France

“I can say that I finally overcame my sugar cravings, found a way to balance my emotional state and no longer have PMS symptoms, no fatigue in the afternoons, and early wake ups are really easy now.”

Svetlana, 60, Finland

“The most important thing for me was my mood, amazing changes had happened, I began to believe in myself”.


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